Shooting a Concrete Jungle, Part 1
Jon Hill, September 2004

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One month ago my life changed when I moved to Seoul, South Korea. You can tell from my previous photography that I choose to place myself in natural surroundings; rainforests, savannahs, and wide open spaces. Now I'm spending my time in a city of 11 million people that seems to go on forever when you see it from a height (and on a clear day). I'm riding subterranean subways and buying goods in vast underground shopping malls. My former, more comfortable, lifestyle is being challenged and so is my pursuit of photography.

I've been extremely hesitant to even take my camera out into town with me. I've never been comfortable taking photos of people I don't know. It's even more challenging when I don't speak the language. So I find myself looking for comfortable ways to start photographing in this city. I'm working from a distance, not taking photos face to face...yet.

all photos taken by Jon Hill using a Nikon D2H, copyright 2004

Moonset over Seoul

Evening Traffic in Seoul

Morning Workout in Seoul

I'm experimenting more with black and white images. Which of the images below appeals to you more?

Daechon Beach Fish Shops, color

Daechon Beach Fish Shops, B&W

Fish Shop Window

Daechon Beach Fireworks Vendors

Daechon Beach Toy Vendors

The images above (Toy Vendors) and below (Gull) were taken from nearly the same spot. In this environment, perspective is everything.

Gull at Daechon Beach

Flowers at Daechon Beach

Seoul at Sunset

Frankly, I'd much rather be taking photos of wild animals. But I'm also savoring this new challenge of shooting a concrete jungle. I hope to have my photographic vision stretched. Check back for more photos and insights in the coming months.




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