Gangwha-do in Winter

Text and photos by Jon Hill, January 2005
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Gangwha-do ("do", pronounced doh, means "island" in Korean), is located in the Yellow Sea, west of Seoul, connected to the mainland by bridges. It has a rich history, both natural and cultural, being a major staging area for wintering birds and the former seat of government for the Korean people. The seasons affect the landscape of the island dramatically and in winter the scenes are cold and stark. The wind is dry and penetrating. The huge mudflats around the island freeze when the tide is out. The fields are covered in stubble from the year's crops. For one willing to get out of the car, there are still interesting photographs to be captured.

Wind-blown Grasses, Gangwha-do, Nikon D2H

White-fronted Geese, Gangwha-do, Nikon D2H

Spot-billed Ducks, Gangwha-do, Nikon D2H

Grey Heron on Ice, Gangwha-do, Nikon D2H

Cinereous Vulture, Gangwha-do, Nikon D2H

Cinereous Vultures, Gangwha-do, Nikon D2H

Steel Roof Detail, Gangwha-do, Nikon D2H

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