Jeju-do: Korea's Southern Island

Text and Photos by Jon Hill, April 2006
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The following images were made on a 3 day trip to Jeju-do, an island off the south coast of South Korea, with the exception of the last image, which was made in the harbor of Busan, South Korea's main port. Jeju is Korea's answer to Hawaii, a honeymooners destination, loaded with golf courses and raw fish restaurants. With cheap hourly flights from Seoul, the island is quickly becoming a playground for the wealthy of South Korea. It is also a place with a rich history, beatiful scenery, and rural charm, if one is willing to forego the 5-star hotels and overpriced Disney-esque attractions. Fishing is a major local industry, and the ports, boats, equipment, fishermen, and local restaurants provide lots of opportunities for a photographer. In springtime, Jeju is known for its cherry blossoms. Other cultural and natural features: temples, forests, mountains, wildlife, etc. also give plenty of subject matter for interesting images.

All photos take with Nikon D2X camera.

Fishing Boats in Jeju Harbor

Lights on a Fishing Boat (used to attact fish at night)

A Fish-seller in a Jeju Market

Fish for Sale

Side Dishes for the Fish

Chinese Mandarin Duck

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

A War Cemetery

War Cemertery Detail

A Temple on Halla-san

Lighthouse in Jeju Harbor

Dawn at Busan Harbor

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